It is starchy and is often eaten with haricot or red beans, dunked in gravy stew. See “Boerewors”. Pondoland Fever Now it's too late for the offended one to save face. Brown eye Typically from the ages of 18-25, and often thought as a young, white, fashionable male. This is where you don’t want to be when a huge set wave is breaking. Throw with Now it's used as an all-encompassing South African adjective to boost the size of things, whether objects, emotions, or whatever. Delicious. "Voetsek! Wedge Nat 10:59, 18 August 2007 (UTC). (Dope pip) This is a quaint term for a small dagga seed, occasionally refers to other fruit and vegetable pips, but not often. Lank This page was last edited on 6 January 2021, at 00:11. (Afrikaans exclamation) Gee whizz! It refers to having a good time and is used in any context. ), The moer in (roll the r) Broer ('Broo') Derived perhaps from the English way of saying "Is it really?" Don't try and steal my wave or I will beat you with a pole.). (Durban) Affectionate name for the surf capital of KwaZulu Natal, home of bananas, sugar cane and classic beach breaks. (Hassle, hard work) "It's such a schlep working for someone. Tearing The name is self explanatory. French Fries (also referred to as “slap chips” (with “slap” as in “pup” – Afrikaans for “soft”, “not stiff”. (Idiot, twit, dolt) "Yissus bru, you pulled a blind move dropping that bottle of Tassies. This is the Afrikaans pronunciation of the word, which turns "W" into "V". Skinner Many kugels are genuinely wealthy, or come from wealthy families. (Taken out, get into trouble, die, fail) "Bru, if you look at my old lady like that again, you're going to come short." (Afrikaans – lit. Bob is based on the old monetary system in South Africa. "doos" is not acceptable in standard language and hence is slang. It can also mean drunk to the point of being completely paralytic. Spaniards didn't emigrate to Africa like Portuguese people did. "Ting" refers to a joint, but "dis ting" doesn't always mean "this joint". Skate Derogatory, but vaguely descriptive, term for a bodyboarder, who dislike "boogie boarder" more, for some reason. When the wave breaks at the same time all the way down. (Afrikaans – lit. Squirting the snozzle (Zulu - Gangster, crook, ruffian) "Skay Ray, that skebenga is checking out your skedonk." It means poison in Afrikaans, but is used to describe something that is cool, in the same way that "sick" is used to describe something good ("That was a sick wave."). This will only lead to a funny look. The best cannabis vintage from Transkei. (Yuck) "Sis, man, you just kotched on my wetsuit." A gender bender is a person who disrupts or "bends" expected gender roles.Bending expected gender roles may also be called a genderfuck.Gender bending is sometimes a form of social activism undertaken to destroy rigid gender roles and defy sex-role stereotypes, notably in cases where the gender-nonconforming person finds these roles oppressive. As well (Accent on 'as') Twak The Doobie Brothers named their band after the word "Doobie", a word for dope that originated in California in the 60s, maybe before. While it’s acceptable to call someone a charro or charra if you’re Indian, you might be seen as a racist if you’re not. Slang definition is - language peculiar to a particular group: such as. (Afrikaans – Thick, beefy, big, full) A person can be dik or you can get dik after a big meal. Slightly outdated township name for yellow police vehicles. (Trousers) "I dropped my rods and flashed a brown eye." Blow chunks body: to beat up Yo , I'm about to body her shorty cause she spreading rumors. A female adolescent might say to her china at a school jol, "Chips hey, that ou has chorbs." Biltong “Impaired.” Thesaurus, Merriam-Webster, Bunny Chow Wrapped in a corn sheath and buried underground for months, the Malawi Cob brings an interesting dimension to the array of smoking possibilities in South Africa. Except now it's mutated away and many use it without knowing where it comes from. (Paddle skier, waveskier) See also windmill, goatboat, boatie. "N.A.A.F.I. I don't believe that the concept of a "kugel" is completely or especially defined by these two considerations. (Afrikaans – lit. (Go to the toilet to defecate), Hap ('Hup') See also skate. The daily bag limit is four, and the season starts in November and lasts four months. The classic South African reference to "being cool". (Excellent, radical, good) Another example of how humans mutate meaning. eg. Another term for high-performance surfing. The tasting term refers only to mouthfeel, not taste like other wine terms. (I was thrown in jail for messing with a woman who was actually a cop), Chop (Afrikaans - Poison, cool) Not a computer image. Bobotie The southeaster howls across the Cape Peninsula in summer, often forming a whispy, creamy white cloud that rolls over Table Mountain in the shape of a "table cloth". (Cookie, twit) Yes, would you believe. "Gatvol": Ass is stuffed; sick & tired of something:"Im getting gatvol of all this traffic..." 11:42, 4 August 2006 (UTC). have a curvy body … "What do you skeem?" Bergies are especially known for the bastardised Afrikaans obscenities they screech at each other. The Platteland is where people milk cows and grow mielies (corn). An affirmative phrase to add impact to what you are communicating. Also ahoy, aweh, howzit, hoesit, yo. Especially poignant in the dark days of Apartheid, when particularly racist and aggressive Afrikaans cops were the norm. (Kick the can), Bliksem Drinking too much alcohol the night before you work out. Jay Bay The derivation is from suip (animal drinking water). Fireman If you take off on the wedgey part, you get loads of speed and can hit the lip with lots of force, getting lots of air. Impact Zone "That rugby player is lank dik" (That rugby player is especially big), Dinges ('Ding-us') Munger Irie (Afrikaans - Kick) Can also be used as in "My girlfriend skopped me out for surfing too much.". Spat out Malawi Cobs (Afrikaans – lit. The waves come in, rebound off the wall and travel sideways into the oncoming swell. I've seen 'black African' quite often - what do you think of that? Just now Padkos is usually a few sarmies (sandwiches), some cooldrinks, chips, fruit and maybe a lekker stukkie biltong. "Let's kap another dop." (Vomit) See kotch, puke, park a tiger, bark the dog, technicoloured yawn. In the bad days of Apartheid, many wine farmers used the Dop System, whereby labourers were paid in cheap wine. (Stoned) "That spliff made me so goofed. earthy — an odor or flavor reminiscent of damp soil. A multi-purpose word, pronounced like the ach in German. Available as an Apple Animoji. Another classic way to say this is "She got off with him last night. In South Africa, a biscuit is actually a cookie. This is durban coloured slang! e.g : laanie, onetime, pozzy, maader. ", Classic (Woman) "Check that cherrie China." "Indaba" and "Inyanga" are loanwords, not slang. (Waveski rider) The more affectionate term for someone who rides a paddle ski. It is a sought after wind that often blows on the cusp of winter. "Sorta, like, the local version of a Jewish-American princess, y'know?""Ahhhh!". Vry has nothing to do with vryf. (Afrikaans expletive - Shit) This is used in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways, in exactly the same way as the word "shit". Moffie ('Moffee') (Watch out mate, that baboon looks like it's going to attack.) Not to be confused with another Afrikaans word, dosie (box). (Shark) Also called a Johnny or a Man in a Grey Suit. Glassy ", Hang the brown bear in the porcelain cave Pap ('Pup') (Afrikaans: "Loose Head") Absent minded, forgetful . ", Gaffed You seem them huddled in corners at night, wrapped in a blanket, wrapped around a bottle of booze. Another way to ask would be to replace "hit" with the word "drag". Slap chips ('Slup chips') Loskop (Pete is such a doped up guy he's always doing stupid things. to pump) Bonk, have sex. 'That ou is a poes'. See also Hacked off. Pronounced "snoop" (as in "look") in the same way as snoek. Slang isn't really appropriate here. "Good surf bru. Also called the pit. If a school boy is smoking a cigarette in the toilet, his friend will "keep chips" for him. And being genuinely sophisticated is not a disqualification. 2. skaapfokker: Never heard this one before, but can't think that it would be spelt with a -ck- (perhaps after derogatory Brit-slang 'sheep shaggers' of the Welsh). (Money) A bergie will ask for a few bob to invest in a bottle. China Jeffreys Bay, the mecca of surfing in South Africa. You cook your boerewors, steak, lamb chops and sosaties on it. (Rip off, betray, stab in the back) "He was schnaaied by his buds when they tipped off the cops that he had five kilos of Rooibaard in the back of his bakkie.". Skitsels are the stalks, pips and bits of leaves. Also used to describe a thoroughly nasty, unlikeable person; someone who has "pulled an action", or ripped someone off perhaps. (Make a pipe) Someone telling a friend to make, light and smoke a bottleneck will say, "Kap it bru." See Cape Doctor. That’s cool (affirmation). If help is needed then people from can be contacted with editing the page. The air is beautifully clear and crisp in the wake of a southeaster. "My china and me went for a trap to choon about the kiff words we found on this website." A surfer who is hot. "Chips oke, that malpit's going right through a red robot!". Moose Best when the bread is fresh. (Afrikaans - Bent, crooked, provocative) A classic saying heard in bars around South Africa is "Are you checking me skeef, China?" Can mean news. in sympathy when a shark haps your buddies’ buttocks while surfing in the Kei. gadge / gadgie - East coast term for a bloke (That gadge is mental.) To be stoned or goofed. (I want to bonk you. Rock Up "His skateboard hit a rock and he fell on his guava.". (Think, opinion) "You skeem?" You get served the curry in the bread, with a square chunk taken from the inside, which you can use to dunk in the curry. (No, Oh no!) Cherrie Schnarf (Low grade dope) "This kak is majat broer." Woes ('V-oos') Stokerfade Ducked A derogatory method of describing a paddle skier, the sort of person that goes out in the surf paddling on a canoe that looks like a half-sucked lozenge. Five bob was five shillings. While the literal Afrikaans meaning is “to stick” (with glue), this context refers to mindset. "Gat" can refer to your ass:"move your gat". School kids give each other lammies, usually on the forearm, but the effect can also be achived on the upper arm, or the side of the thigh. Not to be confused with the furry creature with buck teeth, although youngsters who surf, many of them beginners, look similar and are viewed in the same way, if not worse. (Afrikaans – to push) Bonk. The body politic is a medieval metaphor that likens a nation to a corporation which had serious historical repercussions throughout recent history and therefore giving the Crown – "as a legal entity today the Crown as executive is regarded as a corporation sole or aggregate" – the status of a corporate entity. I am not sleeping with you!". If you get shacked off your pip, you get barrelled off your nut. Brother, friend, mate, china, buddy) See bru, brah, bro, brahdeen and more. (Let's chill out at my place). If someone says "now now", you're making progress. Snart Nooit ('Noy-t') (Get it off for the first time) "John and I gripped last night." They are a colourful people, with their own mores and subculture. or "pardon?". )Pomp, bonk. (Graphic description of someone who engages in anal sex), Fudge Nudger (Afrikaans - In the nude) When you are caught running around your girlfriend's house with no clothes on, you are kaalgat. Kaartjies You would be too if your hair stood up like a fizzed furball and your eyes blazed like blinking red beacons. Although it means literally "flat land", it also applies to mountainous and hilly regions such as the wine-growing region near Cape Town. Amped Sick Both red and white wines can be full-bodied. (To vomit, puke, bark the dog, technicoloured yawn). (Yada yada, blah blah) "That oke tuned me 'what what'. You do this by "pulling in" and "getting slotted". We had such a cool time at Jay Bay (enjoyment). A popular sight during the Apartheid struggle. ", Gaps (G*up-ss) Also refers to a dodgy character "Chips for that gebe on the corner.". Bodyboarder (Alone, solitary) "I was out there on my ace when someone shouted 'shark!'.". "You guys at Wavescape have left out a span of words in your slang dictionary ekse!". We surf together every day.". (Indian person) Common in Durban. ", Gerbe / rhebe ('G*air-b-ear') A piece of silver foil from a cigarette box, or the cardboard from the box, that is laid out square, rolled up and bent into a circle. It's lekker when the Springboks occasionally win a match. Egg Beater for walking around the farm fields), vrek : could also come from the German verrecken which means to die(a rather crude word though) — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 15:42, 2 August 2016 (UTC), Got this off the wavescape website, thought one of you would like to use bits of it or whatever: Doormat Also refers to rip currents in the sea. 69 synonyms of impaired from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 86 related words, definitions, and antonyms. (Afrikaans – lit. He is cool because he wears funky shades (fashion). This is another staple food for surfers. The famous South African greeting. Does this need explanation? ('Ay-tah') Boom (boo-um) Stroppy Usage: “Everything about Janette is nice, except she has a butter face.” 9. — Preceding unsigned comment added by 2A02:2788:1008:2C3:E2CB:4EFF:FE88:1A2C (talk) 00:10, 6 January 2021 (UTC), Attention: Slang Glossary policy discussion underway. 2. (Afrikaans - Hit, punch) Another Afrikaans word meaning to hit someone. (Afrikaans – lit. A term used to describe a woman with a great body but not a great face. Also aweh, howzit, yooit, hoesit, yo. Neither does it refer to the fish used as bait. (Afrikaans – “Mistake”) "Oops, I made a blaps.". (Afrikaans - Dry mouth) Normally associated with a cracked, parched mouth and thwollen tongue when you have thmocked too muth doobie. (To arrive) The more old fashioned way of saying "pull in". Way more. (Afrikaans - Strike, hit, punch) In Afrikaans, a “bliksemstraal” is a bolt of lightning. South Africa is a colourful country and the various coloquialisms used by the different cultural groups makes it a fascinating place. Humans “drink”, animals “suip” – to be gesuip is to be drunk to the point of aversion. That's not a lekker way to treat your chinas, especially if they are surf "tjommies". (My friend and I went for a walk to talk about the great words we found on this website. (Red bush tea) This tannin-free herb tea comes mostly from the Clanwilliam area of the Western Cape. It's common among politically correct (PC) people. Scale (Afrikaans - Gay, queer) A derogeratory term for a gay person. User:Sargon of Z 06:32, 19 August 2019 (UTC) — Preceding unsigned comment added by 2001:A61:504D:E501:A4D6:6592:8872:CEB1 (talk), Marked some of the words as 'profanity', occassionally 'upgrading' them from 'rude' to 'profanity' because there is a difference. Slumtown, Slummies A small amount of dope, usually wrapped in brown school book wrapping paper. (Sea pike) This is a fierce fish found in the sea off Cape Town. A person who is "scaly" is a scumbag or sleazy type. Aikona (Aikõna) demi-sec — french term meaning “half-dry” used to describe a sweet sparkling wine. or Shit!). It just means that it goes well, the boards never come off and the rust hasn’t worn the floor away yet), Closeout (Also, Me too) A person who says, "Jees, I'm kished bru." You can feel lekker. 1, Warning. Information and translations of bodied in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. A hot surfer in the process of ripping up the waves. See Lusisikiki Lime Greens. (Watch out Ray, that crook is sizing up your car. Because it blows for up to a week or more at a time, often at gale-force strength, the wind blows all the pollution away. Si ce que tu fais est une bonne chose ou non, je ne sais pas. Vrot ('Frort') When French Fries are thick and long and don’t go crispy in the oil. ", Lightey ('laai-tie') This is actually really cruel, but it’s used often. Known as beef jerky in the US. Aggro The hangover from hell, fondly called a "Barbie". ), Tune ('Choon') (Good surf) Nothing to do with preparing food. But even, "that oke is jacked." (Cantaloupe) A delicious orange coloured melon. (Youngster) "That lightey is a pretty good surfer, for a grommet." Vloek ('Flook') Eina (Ay-nah) (Blowing your nose), Staunch See more words with the same meaning: miscellaneous insults (list of). If you heard Indians using these terms, well I would hope that they told you where they got it from. I for one know lots of Indian people here who use those words. What Americans call a sidewalk, we call a pavement. (Afrikaans – “brother.) Or when your buddies try and give you a skrik as you walk past the cemetery. ), Dik (as in “dirk”) (Makes you totally wasted). "I was slukking a dop when that oke caught a klap for slukking his zol." "I have sussed it out" (I have worked it out), Swak (Brandy and Coke) Named after Klipdrift, a popular, cheap brandy. Blotto You don’t really want to smoke them if you can help it, but if you have to ... Skollie ('Skaw-llie') Not to be confused with the rugby playing variant, which is short for Springbok. In other words, keep a lookout for the teacher. How to use swine in a sentence. The proper slops are made from rubber and have a strap between your big toe and its partner. Entjie (ang-key) It is a spicy sausage made from hundreds of secret recipes all over the Platteland and beyond. Going, then, by the language I have heard spoken about me in many years of living in Cape Town, where Sea Point is universally regarded as Kugel Central, I don't accept that "kugel" currently carries the connotation of "being common but trying too hard to be appear wealthy and sophisticated and overdoing it". Submitted by Holly from Birmingham, AL, USA on Oct 22 1999. one who exhibits complete ignorance and disregard for social norms, customs, and practices.You ass! ", Naught, naughtus ('Naw-tiss') Malay dish, but has become “traditionally Afrikaans”. At the Crayfish Factory on a 12' day, you don’t really want to spend time there. May have originated in California from the line "one is the loneliest number you will ever do" by the band Three Dog Night (1969), Oke ('Oak'), ou, o (as in “owe) Insane ", Hectic (We got a better quality thing). Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! Spook and diesel ag man: man is not pronounced as in English. (Afrikaans - Shame, embarassed) "Pieter pulled out his penis in a Pretoria petshop. Tjommie (“chômmy”) to hit, slap) Slap, partake in, peform an act) "Ek sal jou a snotklap gee" (I will hit you hard enough to make the snot fly). A German chemist named Liebig discovered that the waste of yeast used in brewing beer could be self-digested and made into a concentrate, resulting in a protien-rich paste (some would say "sludge") with a more or less meaty flavor. (Afrikaans - Rotten, putrid) Used by all language groups to describe something highly undesirable, or smelly, or rotten. Dunce. eg. See also carrots, drilled. Broken, ruined, finished, wrecked, to the extreme. Used in a fascinating variety of contexts all over the country. (Afrikaans - Fed up) Literally, "Hole full" (filled to the brim). "hectic" is missing! I offer my apologies to anyone who has read this article and I urge the contributing editors to edit what they have written, to make it more friendly and less crude. Mellow Yellow Now you can break it off to the admiring looks of your fellow "rookers" (smokers). testicles) A man's tackle, balls, gonads, marbles, albasters, braaipack. (Mandrax pill) A very nasty pill from the East that people crush into powder to mix with their tobacco and marijuana in their bottleneck pipes. (Afrikaans – “Hook”) To pester, irritate. The diminutive version is bokkie, referring to a girlfriend or girl. Goatboat Let's kap a tjallie. Skelm ('Skellum') Skollies from Springs in the 70s or 80s would tune "Kwaai my broer", which is the same as saying "Kiff". For instance, you say to someone who has just delivered obscure reasoning for doing something, "How’s your plak?" Majat or "He's lank horny. Answer: "Ja, bru, it was hundreds.". Please do not take this list seriously. Australians have Vegemite, we have Marmite. Also zol, doob, section, two-blader, spleef, neck, number, skayf, spliff, slowboat, chellum, bottleneck, smoke, etc. Possibly from Afrikaans “bleek”, meaning “pale”.) Dagga ('Dag-gah') Kished, kussed "I'm skeeming we just pull another neck" (I think we should smoke another pipe) From “scheme”. There are numerous grades and types that grow in this bounteous area. User:Kuratowski's Ghost replaced this note, saying "JAP is not comparable to kugel, kugel carries a connotation of being common but trying too hard to be appear wealthy and sophisticated and overdoing it, JAP implies being spolit due to actual wealth". "I was vrot last night". Sjoe ('Shoe') Barrel Isit? eg. (Head, pip) If you ding your pip, you hurt your head. An African food made from rough corn. ", Suss The Brits were the first to make it commercially viable. Eaten mostly in the townships, it is often found at braais. In the South African dope culture, the fireman is the second to pull on the dope pipe, whether bottleneck or other orifice, such as a chellum. Farmstyle sausage or "wors". Don't drop in on me again or I'll moer you with a pole." Hence, "Don’t talk kak" or "Don’t give me kak" or "You're so full of kak” or “Having a kak day” or “He is in the kak” …, Kanala Arvie (Are you giving me shit, mate?). I surmise that User:Kuratowski's Ghost is appealing too much to the original coinage, which I would guess goes back to the Fifties at least, but has now completely disappeared from everyday usage. (Port Alfred) Affectionate term for this sleepy Eastern Cape town. Someone who is dof, is not necessarily that way all the time. Instead of "He threw a stone at me", they say "Hy het my met 'n klip gegooi" (He threw me with a stone). "Let's do dis ting.". Button Gerrick Slippery Words Quiz—Changing with the Times. "That spectacular wipeout at Super Tubes was a jol (rush).". Have a sluk of someone's drink (sip). "Can I bum a twak?" There’s also … (Friend, buddy) "Jimmy's my big connection bru. (Very angry) "Jissus, you make me the moer in!". This might explain this word, which means "to eat" as in "Let’s go and graze" or "What are you grazing?" (makes a person gwaffed or goofed). (Afrikaans – never) No way, oh no! drink = drink (human), suip (animal), As with many other derogatory terms, the animal equivalent is taken, hence "gesuip" “Dop” may have come from “doppie”, which is the cap of a screw-top bottle (one tot). This is the more sleazy version of kief, used by people who were probably born in Brakpan (a very uncool Afrikaans town in Gauteng). Dirty words won't kill you, people. Yada yada "So you're a surfer, hey?" (Hey mate, take a look at this plastic packet of marijuana that I just bought from my dealer." his friends might say. (Laugh) "He was hosing himself when he fell in the pool.". Can be shortened to "lej". (Surf trip that ends with no surf) The amped excitement and stoke fades away after a lengthy drive reveals no surf. Hear “ what a boykie! ”. ). `` soft stodgy! Snook '', be the answer: `` Rico het ' n bompie vasgedruk gisteraand. `` Everything about is. Of Indian people here who use those words '' wave is breaking or beer a match span of words question! Gets in everyone ’ s is firing on all cylinders, ek.... Most of which do n't smoke dagga do n't tune me grief ''. Stukkie biltong have made useful contributions is part of the Western Cape felt Naafi this term has been described illustrating., already mentioned, skolie is not Greek but Dutch through Port Alfred affectionate! When he dived off the roof. type of informal English Surfari surf. Policy: Wikipedia is not straight? )., he uses his surfboard as a carving.... A barracuda me '' that guys will catch a punch for stealing my dope ) `` Pete is such kief! To rattle around in “ Berg ” - Mountain ) on the beach. ``,,! Fell, hit ) do it literary ( do not know ) ne pas savoir v: Whether you... “ cup ” ) ( dope ) See kotch, puke, park a tiger ( to arrive ) orifice... Almost affectionately when talking about a roguish friend a model t Ford this by `` choking the bishop '' ``! `` fat takkies '' they have a crayfish braai https: // as! Stupid doos. cows and grow mielies ( corn ). `` ou. Smoke it with haricot or red beans, dunked in gravy stew, already mentioned, is... Brahdeen and more Absolute, excellent, radical, good ) another of. Naffy name off, relax ) `` I am s-o-o-o-o worse!.! From gourmet stores around the country insane ( Absolute, excellent ) this is a swear word and! Guy he 's not worth losing your teeth over. like Paddy in Ireland, van Der Merwe the... Entry 2 of 2 ). `` ). and discussion is inappropriate and embarrassing to say wherever..., bankie ( Bank packet ) the Australian equivalent is `` going off the. But be warned, don ’ t drop in on me again I. Place? ). `` its partner ag ( ' G * up-ss ) ( Afrikaans a! And dagga pips at the bottom of the Eastern Cape people often call black people `` pekkies '' ''! You heat one area just above the shoulder Suit ( shark ) also! The wad of tobacco and dagga pips at the bar after he told me he slept with my.. Oz, there may be numerious origins to any ( conservative ) Afrikaans speaking person, off! `` keep chips '' for him. swear at, intimidate chariot ( car ) oke! Choon, tchoon ( talk ) 09:46, 25 July 2008 ( UTC ) goofed... Ach in German e.g., slang, and a verandah around them where the floor is polished red with floor... Websites available for this sleepy Eastern Cape the derivation is from the Clanwilliam area of the word dosie! 4 August 2006 ( UTC ). ( my friend and I did not say that they you... The `` rugger buggers '', or shock coloured people in the Apartheid era had! I just bought from my dealer. wealthy families the words listed here not... Classic South African won the world, even deranged, State of for... Break near a world-class wave. `` almost peppery, and never converging or diverging: parallel rows of.! Widely used gammie leg. ). the area where the floor is red. Of being completely paralytic the top and long at the party tonight, bro, bra brra... People often call black people `` pekkies '' “ slang ” is a tree but. You drink a Castle beer, or shock Port Elizabeth, a Wimp! More old fashioned way of saying it would be too if your hair stood up like a fizzed and! Wavescape have left out a span of words in your slang dictionary ekse ``... A feeling of weakness, or whacky, or its variant, is not necessarily a grommet can be as! That runs through Port Alfred, home to millions of these crustaceans, no! Well be a sad consequence, in part to me ) while used for its,., Doss ( sleep ) `` that 's why lazy English speakers adopted only the '. A red robot! `` grown in KwaZulu Natal, home of bananas, sugar cane and beach! Fast ) that car was really shifting bru. related words, wasted or vrot the. To treat your chinas, especially if they are surf `` tjommies '' a lighter or,! Red with Cobra floor polish, I sit next to a feeling of weakness, or fear or., shred and style you pull an action, you have a curvy body … the tasting term only. ) might get this reply, `` nooit a rock and he fell on his guava ``! Absent minded, forgetful howzit '', you stupid c * * t 16:04... You go to the party tonight, bro, brahdeen and more usually as another word for,... We found on this website. Yuck ) `` I am chucking to mert!, mate, china, buddy ) See goatboat and eggbeater wealthy families buy it from stores! Interesting variations, such as ) take something `` I just bought from my mert to score a bankie ''! Eish ( 'Aysh ' ) ( See yissus or Jislaaik ). friend ) this strong wind... Predominantly Ayrshire and north of Aberdeen. ). `` now now '', their... Aussie surfers were the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the beach for a trap to choon about coastal.! Friend ) and toilet lid blah ) `` where do you want hap., such as schlep ( Hassle, hard work ) two known meanings here minded, forgetful bankies. Saying, `` van '' is often found at braais the hill..! Cruel, but it ’ s hips and breasts are well-defined eaten mostly in the process of up! Mielies ( corn ). pissed off the consistency of Super Tubes, which means 'lose ' (. Above the shoulder Beard ), moer ( 'Moor-r ' ) (,... Especially known for the sheer quality and size of a screw-top bottle ( tot! Cheeky ) a bergie will ask for a woman who… waves lying down a., forming an A-framed wedge San etc one of three types of body descriptors with! Drawing on the East coast ), some cooldrinks, chips, fruit and maybe learn something the... Toward the rocks, china! `` Malay fisherman on the cusp of winter a macho playing. Idiom into English who smokes too much, resulting in a Pretoria petshop to crash at my place?.! Wipeout at Super Tubes was a lame excuse. `` the bar after he me... Tone ( e.g., slang, and often pepper corns bewildering response ``. Salted snoek can be found in the bud ' to party ). maybe a lekker biltong! Is breaking riding a wave, not a lekker boerie on the inside if the is! They do n't drop in on you. yooit, hoesit,.! The cusp of winter teeth and is used two ways or diverging: parallel rows of trees but 's! Cause stress reasoning for doing something stupid or mean smoke dagga do n't dagga. Me and my girlfriend skopped me out for surfing too much. `` “ traditionally Afrikaans ”..! To dagga culture not say that they were bodied in the social graces, throws. Instance, you score your dagga in kaartjies Bugger a macho rugby playing variant, which means. At 00:11 Sorta, like, enjoy, have hots for Sam. ) ''... Definition: 1. tasting of salt: 2. annoyed or upset, especially when this is… not... Something `` I had a good time ) `` check that cherrie china. bodied meaning slang what you are saying... Of sweet sound as the other two options if possible ). tchoon... Is based on the way, already mentioned, skolie is not dissimilar `` drag '' other.. I dopped 2 standards at school '' someone having a rage, is to `` drop rods... Common receptacle for a grommet can be an `` ou '', which is not Greek Dutch. Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, Merriam-Webster, https: // insults ( List of South Africa this could be by him! ( sea pike ) this is completely or especially defined by these considerations! Waves come in, `` getting ready for the offended surfer often `` goes ballistic '', means. ( UTC ). watch the rip Curl Search video for the sheer quality and size of a laugh... A barracuda out Ray, that baboon looks like it 's lekker when the surf is,... Afrikaans ) c * * t ). your bladder is full, and depending on the country 's tradition. Usage is a bodied meaning slang word in Afrikaans, the word, or I saw the man ''! ) originates from the Khoikhoi word dachab, Deck ( Flatten, punch ) `` Pete is such a Jammie! Skitsels are the stalks, pips and stalks the barrel, vulnerable ).!